Presents For the Elderly Relatives and Friends

One of the hardest groups of people to buy presents for are older people we know. Most often they seem to have everything they want and need. Even so there are some very cool gifts you can give to seniors that they will be very happy to receive. Here is a list.

* Nothing pleases your elderly relatives more than you spending time with them. So you can take them out to the theater, movies, or just out to dinner.

* Flowers are always a lovely gift. Just surprising them with one for an occasion such as a birthday or just randomly sending one once in a while will make their day.

* Another one similar to the above is a beautiful house plant. Both of these gifts will brighten their living space and they will think of you whenever they look at it.

* If They are your grandparents you can make a nice album of pictures of yourself and other grand kids.It can also be just a picture of yourself in a nice frame. They will of course love this one.

* Many elderly folks like to garden. So you can give them gardening tools or gear, or a gardening book.

At this stage in their life many of our senior citizens are healthy, energetic, and retired. That means they have a lot of leisure time on their hands and they may be looking for something to occupy them. So it will be a pleasant surprise for them if you buy them memberships into clubs and activities they might be interested in. Here are some activities you might look into.

* Dancing classes such as salsa or modern dance could be a lot of fun for senior if that is there thing. You can buy an introductory class and then they can continue on their own if they like it.

* Chess clubs if they are up to the challenge is a great way to pass leisure time and keeps the mind sharp.

* Hiking clubs will be great for the body and mind. Hiking out in nature with others is a very enjoyable activity that strengthens the body while you make friends.

* Other ideas are golfing clubs, ski clubs, and tennis clubs.

* If they are the artistic type how about giving them an introductory arts and crafts classes such as embroidery, rug hooking, doll making, making earrings etc…

* Other similar ideas are knitting, crocheting, pottery.

All these activities will keep their mind agile and improve their eye hand coordination. It also keeps them in contact with others. Since one of the major problems the elderly face is loneliness these will be very helpful.

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